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Clifton Park Soccer Club Evaluation/Tryout Information

Evaluation Registration will be  OPEN in May.

2017-18 Evaluation dates

July 10 (girls) 6-8pm*, July 11 (boys)6-8pm*

*Please arrive at 5pm on first night of tryouts to check-in and hand in Medical release for tryout.

July 17 (girls)6-8pm, July 18 (boys)6-8pm

July 19 (girls)6-8pm, July 20 (boys)6-8pm

U8′s Saturday July 8th &  Sunday July 9th, Saturday July 15th- 3:30 -5:30 *attendance is required at all 3 dates*

All tryouts will be conducted at the Clifton Common.  Pre-registration will be required.


The purpose of the Clifton Park Soccer Club is to teach the game of soccer to youth of

the community; to operate a youth soccer club and help in developing the character

of youth of the community and to foster and engage in competition for the

furtherance of the above purposes.


Clifton Park Soccer Club U8 – U19 Boys and Girls travel team players must reside within

the boundaries of the Town of Clifton Park or the Shenendehowa School District

to be evaluated and play for the club.


A minimum of two evaluations will be held for each age group. The times are posted on the

Clifton Park Soccer Club Website, Individual

coordinators at their discretion may schedule additional evaluations. An age group

coordinator selected by the Clifton Park Soccer Club Coaching Committee

conducts the evaluations. Other persons who have stated an interest in coaching at

that age group, other non-parent evaluators and in many age groups a member

of the CPSC Coaching Committee may also provide help in the evaluation


Selection to “A” level teams will occur first, followed by selection to “B” level teams and

lower depending on the number of available coaches.

The CPSC is limited in the number of teams that its facility can accommodate and it

may not be possible to place all who are evaluated on a team.

The number of teams in an age group will be determined after assessment of the total

number of players trying out at each age level throughout the club.

Children SHOULD be 6 years old prior to 8/1/2014 to play U8 travel.

Playing Season

Fall practice/league is to the discretion of the individual teams. Indoor practice begins in

December and continues through March. Teams will have one gym indoor

practice time per week, usually on a weekend provided by the CPSC. In

addition, most teams participate in some indoor league and/or tournaments. This

is decided on a team-by-team basis. Practice for the outdoor season begins in

April and league play usually begins by the last weekend in April. The outdoor

season ends with the culmination of CDYSL Spring season.

CPSC teams compete in the Capital District Youth Soccer League and play a 10 game

schedule. Most teams also enter tournaments during the spring and early

summer. Again, this decision is on a team-by-team basis. During April through

June teams average two practices and one to two games per week.


Each child pays a registration fee of $275.00 (subject to change by Board of Director

approval). The $275.00 is paid to the Clifton Park Soccer Club and includes the

cost of one uniform, a portion of tournament fees, insurance, indoor gym fees

and referee fees. The registration fee also includes a multi-week Winter Skills

program for U8, U10 and U12 players and additional monetary stipends to U14

and above teams. Additional fees will be collected during the year for indoor

leagues, additional practice and /or tournaments. These fees will vary from team

to team and will begin to occur shortly after placement on a team. No fee will be

collected unless a child is placed on a team.

The U10, U12, U14, and U16 “A” teams for both boys and girls may have a paid coach.

Each team member will pay an extra $250.00 to the club to cover part of the

coach’s salary. The team will also cover the coach’s expenses to away


Members of other teams may pay an additional $150.00 per player coaching fee if the

coach of that team is a non-parent and requests this fee. The team will also

cover the coach’s expenses for away tournaments.


Costs are a bit tricky as it depends on what the team decides to do. The club costs are currently $275.00

which covers uniform, indoor gym time at Shen, insurance, outdoor referee fees, outdoor league fees and

an additional tournament entry fee ($400.00). The registration fee also includes a multi-week Winter

Skills program for U8, U10 and U12 players and additional monetary stipends to U14 and above teams.

This is the only fixed fee! Other costs are divided amongst the members of the team. For example, an

indoor league session last year cost the team $850.00. If there are 14 players on the team, it would cost

each of them $60.00 per session. Tournaments typically cost $375.00 ($27.00 per player). In summary,

the “typical” player, playing 3 indoor sessions, playing 2 indoor tournaments and 3 outdoor tournaments

would expend:

$275.00 CPSC registration fee

$180.00 indoor sessions

$135.00 (5 tournaments)



It is important that players attend as many practices and games as possible to improve

individual skills and team play. The travel program is competitive and not


The coach determines playing time. The Board of Directors and the Coaching

Committee encourage full participation by all players as well as emphasizing the

need to provide development of all team members.

Notification of Team Placement

Within a reasonable time period of the last tryout date all those participating will be

notified whether they are preliminary placed on a team and at what level. If your

child is placed on a team that does not have a coach, you may be asked to help

with coaching. If a coach cannot be found, a team will not be formed. If you have

any questions or concerns you may contact the person who conducted the tryout,

age group coordinator or access the webpage at

Communication with CPSC

The CPSC Ombudsman Committee is available to address concerns, which you may

have regarding club activities. The Chairperson of this Committee is Tom

Werner. He can be reached at 877-5786 or via email –

Zero Tolerance Policy and Code of Conduct

The CPSC has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy and Code of Conduct for its players, parents, Coaches and CPSC

Board /Officers. Please see copy on our website

Volunteer Responsibilities

The CPSC is a volunteer organization that depends heavily on its members to

function. Once your child is placed on a team we look forward to working

with you to increase the benefits to all club members.

Every parent is a club member with volunteer responsibilities. Without your help

we cannot continue to offer the exceptional soccer program, which the

Clifton Park Soccer Club provides.

During the year each parent will be required to volunteer 2 hours of your time to

help with various activities necessary to keep the program functioning at


For example: in the spring the fields need to be lined, nets put back on the goals,

raking and general clean-up needs to be done. In the fall, it’s the opposite,

everything needs to come down and be put away for the winter. There are

several other things that need to be maintained during the entire season

and that is why your help is needed.

The CPSC hosts two tournaments each year. U 8 – U 12 over Columbus Day

weekend and U 14 – U 19 over Mother’s Day Weekend. Parents may be

required to volunteer for either or both tournaments without regard to your

child (children’s) participation in that tournament. (i.e.If you have a U 8-U12

player you will be volunteering Mother’s Day weekend, if you have a U 14-

U 19 player you will be volunteering Columbus Day weekend.) All Clifton

Park travel teams compete.

A tournament of this size and quality requires not only extraordinary planning

and coordination, but also a strong structure of volunteer support.

Volunteers are needed from late winter, i.e. Advertising through takedown/

cleanup at the end of the tournaments.

Each travel team parent, that means BOTH MOM AND DAD, are required to

volunteer a minimum of 2 hours for EACH CHILD in the club, in support of

the tournament.

For example: if you have 2 children playing in the club then Mom must do 2 hours

for each child and Dad 2 hours for each child. Total hours – 4 for Mom and

4 for Dad. There are several ways to put in those hours and they do not

necessarily have to be done during the tournament. There are several jobs

that need to be done during the week prior to the tournament.

In addition, if foreign teams participate you may be asked to host some of the

visiting players.

Prashant Gawde

Clifton Park Soccer Club

Head Volunteer Coordinator