CPSC Just4Kicks Soccer


What is Just4Kicks Soccer?

Just4Kicks is 3v3 pick‐up style soccer that is designed for kids who want to have fun playing soccer over the Summer. It’s not a league, its just a place where kids can come together and have fun playing soccer. No uniforms, no refs, no strict rules, no score standings to worry about, just have fun playing soccer.

Why 3v3 Soccer?

We chose the 3v3 game because it inherently helps players to develop quick controlled first touches, confidence in foot skills, the importance of give and‐go’s, understanding of shape, defensive strategy, good passing pace, trapping skills, good shot placement, etc. You cannot hide in 3v3 soccer because it forces every player to be involved. The game is the teacher and most importantly… it is a ton of fun!! That right….it’s 2,000 pounds of fun!

When is it?

Just4Kicks will occur over the Summer. It will run every Wednesday evening from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Clifton Common. In 2017, it will run from July 12th through August 30th.  WEDNESDAY 7/19 NO JUST FOR KICKS DUE TO TRAVEL TRYOUTS

Who is running it?

The Just4Kicks Soccer Program will be run by CPSC adults who will act as game assistants. The game assistant is not a referee. The game assistant’s job is to maintain the flow of the games by keeping time and directing teams on and off of the field. Players must resolve disputes amongst themselves, but the game assistant has the final say in any dispute.

If you have questions, please contact Cassidy Jones at cpscjust4kicks@yahoo.com.

What are the rules?

Players – 3v3 co‐ed games with kids that are U10 through U16 age appropriate. All teams will be randomly selected by the Game Assistant(s) . All children must have their parent(s) sign a waiver to participate.

Ball – FIFA regulation size soccer ball.

Field – Small grass fields at the Clifton Common.

Goals – Small mini‐goals.

Games – 10 minutes each with small breaks in‐between. Games will run from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on Wednesday evenings at the Clifton Common.

Rules – Standard FIFA soccer rules apply with some minor exceptions: No slide tackling, no off‐sides, and out‐of‐bounds balls can be played onto the field in any way the offensive teams wants to.

Don’ts – Fighting, cursing, spitting or any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If a game assistant see’s this type of behavior, the player will be banned without fee reimbursement for the remainder of the Summer session.

Cost ‐ $30 per player for the whole Summer session.

Registration ‐ Registration is open to all Clifton Park Soccer Club players (REC and TRAVEL). Registration opens on June 30, 2017. Its first come/first serve with a maximum of 200 players.